In the course of its history AUTMIND has internally developed its skills that are able to provide a "sewn" service on customers needs. The most obvious result is certainly the high level of personalization of every single work that makes it tailored and unique.


Our resources are supported by the client and the designer from the preliminary stages of the project to determine the best technical/aesthetic solution to furnish, separate and create environments where the divisions are such only physically but they still guarantee the brightness and airiness, typical qualities of our products. We address the customer towards the choice of the materials and finishes, we realize with great efficiency every idea, so that the end result is in line with the expectations and the environment.


The our technicians trained and updated to carry out surveys on shipyards and installation sites. Equipped with latest technology tools as levelers, biometers and three-dimensional lasers, they can detect the premises and dimensions accurately even in complex situations.


Special attention is paid to the design phase, where CAD software is used, specific for integrated architectural design and for the three-dimensional mechanical development of each element both standard and special. On request we are able to provide BIM methods for integration in the contract documents.


The our installation teams are trained to install our products taking care meticulously of every single detail. Equipped with latest technology equipments and tools, are constantly updated and bring their feed-back directly to the product, to be in continuous evolution of improvement in terms of aesthetics and reliability.