The WALL SOLUTIONS is a system for dividing internal spaces with a lower and upper profile of 60 mm in width and 60 mm in height, made of sheet metal, designed to house metal uprights prepared for coupling inside of blind modules and aluminium frames, the latter equipped with glass. On request, the profiles, which are standard in the silver oxidized aluminium finish, can be painted in the RAL range The WALL SOLUTIONS can be installed separately or combined with other partition systems, with sliding and hinged doors. The glass can be supplied based on the request. Ease of assembly and system versatility are the main features and strengths of this product family.



Float Glass or secure glass in order with UNI EN12150



The blind walls are characterized by double-sided panels with a thickness of 18 mm, and are in wood agglomerate coated with melamine weight 120 g / Mq, panel density 640 Kg / Mc.



The structure of the WALL SOLUTIONS wall is composed of two profiles in painted sheet metal placed on the floor and on the ceiling on which they must be housed in opposition to the vertical uprights in galvanized steel section. The uprights are equipped in the lower part with an adjustable foot and in the upper part with a presser, this allows an easy leveling of the system both on the floor and on the ceiling, with the possibility of reaching values of more or less 20 mm. Slots made along the entire length of the uprights with 32 pitch allow for quick coupling and "self-centering" of the cladding panels. All the metal parts are equipped with gaskets on which the blind panels and the frames of the glazed parts rest.



The door module has a centre distance of 1000 mm, with a useful passage of 900 mm for the single door and 2000 mm for the double door with a useful passage of 1800 mm and consists of a brushed aluminium case and a door available in three versions; blind, in glass and framed glass. The door can be supplied at full height or with fanlight This can also be blind or glazed with the same characteristics as the fixed parts.



They have an aluminium case-door and a melamine door with a thickness of mm. 32 are supplied standard with a silver oxidized extruded aluminium door case frame, they can also be made in other finishes, as an option they can have a blind transom window, all accessories are supplied in aluminium colour. The supplies are made in compliance with the safety regulations in force.



The swing door is supplied with a perimeter aluminium case, where a soft PVC profile is inserted with the function of hitting the glass. The swing doors are made in the single and double version. Door types: - single or double glass swing door, with aluminium perimeter door box. - hinged door with glass or solid frame, single or double. - single or double blind hinged door in melamine, with perimeter door box in aluminium. These types of doors can be supplied full height within the foreseen dimensional limits



The sliding doors have an anodized aluminium guide consisting of two profiles, track and casing; it is independent, therefore easy to install and register; it is equipped with adjustable and amortized stops for both opening and closing. You can have single or double full-height doors, within the foreseen dimensional limits. If the guide is to be installed on the ceiling, in correspondence with non-structural false ceilings, it is necessary to prepare a reinforcement to support the weight of the door.



The WALL SOLUTIONS partition can also be used in a self-supporting version. The self-supporting wall is very similar to the full-height wall with the only substantial difference of the application in the upper part of a SELF-SUPPORTING BAR in aluminium 100x40, the maximum height cannot exceed 2500 mm




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