Single monolithic partition


The SLIM GLASS SOLUTIONS monolithic single wall is a system for dividing interior spaces with a lower profile 40 mm wide and 25 mm high, 40 mm wide and 54 mm high, made of primary alloy aluminum , designed to accommodate 5 + 5/6 + 6 mm thick laminated glass modules or melamine panels up to 18 mm thick. On request, the profiles, which are standard in the silver oxidized aluminum finish, can be painted in the RAL range or offered in other finishes such as polished, polished or brushed. The SLIM GLASS SOLUTIONS monolithic partition offers the possibility to be mounted separately or combined with other partition systems and to use the system of sliding and hinged doors, both single and double doors. The glass can be supplied, in addition to the standard types, with silk-screen printing, drawing and colored, in order to satisfy all design requirements. The junction between glass and glass is made with an H profile in transparent polycarbonate to which a double-sided adhesive tape is fixed on both sides to make the union between the glasses integral, allowing to obtain the most homogeneous surface possible. The ease of assembly and independent adjustment of the glass is guaranteed by a screw system that allows you to maintain alignment even in the presence of out-of-square flooring and ceilings, making assembly lean and fast and minimizing construction site problems.



The laminated glasses can be customized with the following finishes:

Transparent glass thick. mm. 5+5 (0,38)-6+6 (0,38)

Etched glass thick 5+5 (0,38)-6+6 (0,38)

Soundproof glass thick 5+5 (0,38)-6+6 (0,38)

Extralight glass on request

Customized glass to all types

The characteristics of the used single-glazed are described in the following table.

Isolamento acustico
Safety Class
55.1 PVB 0,38 35 (-1; -2) 2B2 25
55.1 Acoustic PVB 0,50 38 (-1; -3) 1B1 26
55.2 Acoustic PVB 0,76 38 (0; -2) 1B1 26
66.1 PVB 0,38 36 (0; -2) 2B2 30
66.1 Acoustic PVB 0,50 39 (-1; -3) 1B1 31
66.2 Acoustic PVB 0,76 39 (0; -2) 1B1 31

In based on chosen combinations will be provided on request the certifications of the laboratory demonstrating the real soundproof abatement of the partition and of the door.




Using the same profiles, can be realized full-panel modules in melamine with a low emission of formaldehyde, consisting in 18 mm thick, waxed finish, approx. density 620/m3, weight 120 g/m2. Special joining systems make it possible to join full-panel modules as well as full-panel and glass modules together.



The profile is composed of two profiles, the main profile and the cover; inside the lower profile are contained the micrometric regulators to adjust individually each single glass or melamine panel, to +/- 5 mm, the glasses and the panels are locked from aluminium latches that provide security during the installation process, before to insert cover clip. Due to the use of this system the installation of the glass or of the panel is made with front entry, in way easier access, practical, fast and safe. Inside of the profiles (lower and upper) are planned of the longitudinal gaps in which a co-extruded plastic, is housed a gasket, of particular form (type bellows) that locks completely and in safe way the glass, compensating also the linear differences due to tolerances of production, avoiding the contact between the profile and the glass and to eliminate any vibrations which could cause damage to the glass and improving importantly the soundproofing.Moreover, aluminium filler profiles could be fitted against the wall where the partition starts to compensate for any non-square walls.



There are different profiles that can be used between the modules, in transparent polycarbonate with biadhesive tape to fit between the glass panels, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and in aluminium to fit between the melamine-glass and melamine-melamine panels.



The framed doors have the full-height casing in extruded anodized aluminium, they are made in the same finishes of profiles and as an option can have the glass fanlight; all the accessories are supplied in aluminium coloured. The are two types of frames available for the leaf:


a) an aluminum extruded anodized perimeter dim. 60x32; in the lower bar of the frame is planned the inclusion (optional) of the weatherstrip "guillotine"; in this type of the frame is planned also the inclusion (optional) of an automatic return movement of the closing of the leaf. Inside can be inserted laminated glasses and full-panel according to the following specifications:

• vetro stratificato mm.3+3(0,38), acustici 3+3 (0,76)

• laminated glass mm. 3+3 (0.38), soundproof glass 3+3 (0.76)

• melamine panel thick mm. 18


an aluminum extruded anodized perimeter dim. 27x32; inside can be inserted different types of panel:

• tempered glass of 6 mm..

• honeycomb aluminium panel of 6 mm.

• panel type "alucobond" of 6 mm.


For the hinged doors with leaf type a) the hinges can be of the "hidden" type, with triple setting (height; depth and inclination) and in the appropriate number as a function of the height (from 3 to 4), or for the both leafs a), b), can be placed in the corners of the leafs with a vertical setting in the height to 70 kg for leaf (guaranteed over 200.000 tests). Alternatively is planned the hinged door module with tempered glass of 10 mm. (on request 12 mm) with the hinges and ironmongery in chrome-plated steel. The supply complies with the safety regulations in force.



The doors have a full-height casing in aluminium and the leaf in melamine with thick of 30 mm and are provided standard with the frame full-height casing in aluminium anodized extruded, can be made also in other finishes, as option can have the glass or full-panel fanlight, all the accessories are supplied in aluminium coloured. The supply complies with the safety regulations in force.



The hinged door is supplied with a casing in aluminium along the perimeter into which a soft PVC profile is fitted that protects the glass from impact. The hinged doors are available single or double. Doors types: - single or double hinged door with aluminium perimeter casing. - single or double framed door with melamine or glass panel. - single or double full-panel hinged door in wood with aluminium casing along the perimeter. These types of doors are available both full height within the size limits prescribed by the regulations.



The sliding doors have an anodized aluminium guide composed of two profiles, profile and carter; is independent, so is easy to install and register; is equipped of the adjustable and amortised latches for the opening and closing. It's possible to have single and double door full height, within the size limits prescribed by the regulations. In the event that the guide has to come installed in the ceiling, corresponding to non-structural suspended ceiling, is necessary to prepare a reinforcement to support the weight of the door./span>



The SLIM GLASS SOLUTIONS partition is also available in the self-bearing version. The self-bearing partition is the same as the full-height partition one apart from the fact that a 100x40 SELF-BEARING BAR in aluminium is applied to the top of it. On request the partitions with monolithic panels are available with a plint or with a space at the top for cables or ducting. The maximum height cannot exceed the 2.5 mts







STRAIGHT brushed profile