Daylighting Partitions


This "modern" word is nothing but the synthesis of ancient concepts adapted to the contemporary lifestyle: the art of enlightening the interiors of buildings, using as much as possible the performances of natural light, the performances of natural light. More than a technique is therefore a "Green Oriented" philosophy which uses sunlight as the primary source for illuminating, both working and residential environments, delivering power and adjusting its intensity.



The purpose of realizing Daylighting architectures is twofold: on the one side the Energy savings on the other side the quality of life in the environments. These purposes are achieved by adjusting the light intensity throughout the day, and with the different atmospheric conditions.



In terms of quality of life the benefits are perceived immediately as the right light, in different everyday situations, directly affects the individual's performance, hence on the productivity of work but above all on personal well-being and comfort. The benefits in terms of energy savings are very obvious: light radiation control allows substantial savings of electricity consumption, both for the "lighting" aspect but also in terms of the energy required for the air conditioning of the premises: many experiments conducted at different places on the planet have highlighted that daylighting control rooms require much less resources than those built with traditional design style.


Daylighting partitions

The Autmind partition solutions have been intended, designed and manufactured to meet the elementary requirements of Daylighting philosophy: the minimum presence of frames and the predominance of glass maximize the passage of natural light which can also come in the most indoors and far from the windows. The wide range of solutions can meet all design needs from the most particular to the most basic necessities, ventilation of rooms, visual and acoustic privacy.