AD Solutions s.r.l. is founded in 2004, and soon becomes the reference company in the field of supply of semi-finished aluminium products. We have always been an ideal partner for the customer, able to support every single project, starting with a targeted analysis that includes the study of both complexity and industrialization of particulars. That's how we give value and support to the customer's needs optimizing cycles and costs, following it in the chain until prototypes and equipment were built. Our expertise and highly skilled personnel allow us to be the main contractor in supplying a semi-finished or finished product, ready for final use, whether it is the structure of a table, a heater, or the structure of a dental chair. We are able to provide all the directives for technical-design solutions that take into account the overall functionality of the product, the productivity and quality, also understood as answers and service. Thanks to the flexibility, we can work with the customer as a leader managing not only the processes but also the supply phase of the material, the warehouse stock and all downstream processes of semi-finished products, such as painting, oxidation, assembly and packaging in addition to the supply of all complementary semi-finished products such as die-cast, thermoplastic and ferrous materials. It identifies the quality of products and services the productivity, versatility and innovation that is open perfectly to the demands of every single customer. That's why we are there, because where there is an idea, there is the feasibility and the realization of what already convinces "on paper"!



The courage is definitely a decisive factor for our company policy. AD Solutions has all the entrepreneurial spirit and the winning views of the members who can provide the best advice and the most advanced service in the industrial sector of extruded aluminium component supplies. It is exploiting all of our technical and managerial knowledge as well as the skills of employees highly specialized which we have used immediately, that today we best manage a key role in the national and international industrial field, becoming, as well as suppliers, indispensable partners of big companies that involve us from the conception of the initial idea of the product projecting the expectations to the end result. In 2011, the choice of AD Solutions, has been to expand its experience by utilizing technical and commercial professional staff: developping a new brand, AUTMIND tasting office, specialized in producing and distributing of partition systems. In this way we have created a new perspective, we created some spaces we have changed the way we think about working environments, an added value to what was missing first we've come to realize what was just impossible to imagine low-energy light spaces thanks to the power of the glass to uncover without clutter.